'If you can see with the third eye- which is seeing reality when you close your eyes, because there is something more to the world than meets the eye―then you find that what is around you is a metaphor for wholeness. It is a transformation of your perception and of your consciousness, so you see the world with fresh, new eyes.'  Satish Kumar


Using our five fingers together lends the hand its full power and strength:  working holistically with the five basics of life gives traction to sustainable and successful change. Food, Water and Air are our fundamental human rights, the lack of which is the physical root cause of social discord. Science and Spirit help us articulate our purpose on earth, empowering us to strive for self realisation.

The challenge is working with these fives areas together, so they can really be understood and seen as one.  

Collaboration and exchange between the East and West in these five areas opens up a pathway to harmony and planetary well being, whilst addressing some of our most pressing global problems.  

All our projects, past and present, further this attempt.

Earthlinks UK is a small, dynamic charity funded by philanthropic organisations and individual supporters who share our values and are keen to support global community projects.

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