The Journey School offers a dynamic centre that can inspire people to realise meaning without fixing it. It is a perimeter, within which many different doorways to meaning exist. The Hub and the Rim principle from the book Time, Light and the Dice of Creation , is the basis of the discourse in the Journey School.  The Hub is the nucleus of the cell or the core of the universe. The spokes are the different paths to meaning. The rim is the container, the holding story of meaning, the Journey School.

Journey School runs the series of events Process and Pilgimage, The key understanding of Process and Pilgrimage is that wholeness is something one continually meets along the way, after one has set out in a state of trust as to the possible outcome. As with the River Dart, the start may be an apparently insignificant emergence of water from the ground, but the momentum of the river builds up from actions whose goal is integral to the overall movement. 

Process and Pilgrimage has not tried to define its outcomes, but allowed the people who are attracted to events, to have a safe place to explore conclusions that are outside the normal patterns of expectation about them.

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