June 2014
Process and Pilgrimage
Cordoba, Spain


“For the idols, sacred ground, Ka’ba for the circling pilgrim, the tables of the Torah, the scrolls of the Qur’an, I profess the religion of love; wherever its caravan turns along the way, that is the belief, the faith I keep.” Ibn Arabi, 12th century Sufi mystic, A Garden Among the Flames.

The goal of Process & Pilgrimage is always to find the dynamic question that moves a situation in a new way. Where this question comes from, is as far as possible, suggested from the silence itself.

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November 2012
Process and Pilgrimage: 'Memory and Hope'
Abbiazia di Spineto, Italy


The journey is turned back into an inner movement. The beautiful setting dressed in vibrant autumn colours, is the perfect holding to draw an inquiry into its regenerative centre and out again into our distinct lives.


May 2012
Process and Pilgrimage:

'Revival, Growing Health and Education IN The Monk’s Garden'

 Abbiazia di Spineto, Italy


The worth of the Journey School is that it is not predictable but giving of a new perspective on what is blocked and unable to find a way forward. We are exploring how to seed such a venture so that it is true to the world we are living in, where almost every organisational structure is locked in some sort of impasse.


May 2010
Process and Pilgrimage:  'Seeing through Paradox, Believing through Difference'
Bettona, Italy


The thirty strong attendance entered the experience of paradox with Henri Bortoft. We then discussed the Israel-Palestine situation moving from a perspective of separation and war to wholeness and peace. The outcome was the inspiration for the setting up of a Journey School in Israel and Europe with the idea of exploring issues in the dynamic that leads beyond separation (Ilan Pappe).



November 2009
Process and Pilgrimage: 'Wholeness in Three Panels'
The Window, Islington, London


Taking David Bohm’s notion of wholeness out into the world explored as process, encounter and the perception achievable in daily seeing (David Peat, Henri Bortoft & Emilios Bouratinos)


July 2009
Process and Pilgrimage: 'From Source to Sea, from Origin to Fulfilment, from Potential to Expression'
Following the journey of the River Dart, Devon


This pilgrimage follows the journey of the River Dart. In the way of the river, we reflect on the story of our time and ourselves with the aid of storytellers, guides and soul-poets. We seek the rhythm of the river’s aspiration as it sweeps its course to the sea.  The River Dart in Devon UK. A five day pilgrimage with Poet Alice Oswald, Playwright Peter Oswald, Earth Pilgrim Satish Kumar and other teachers, architects and activists.


May 2009
launch of Process and Pilgrimage
Birkbeck College, London


Basil Hiley gave an in-depth mathematical talk about Process. This proved the philosophical hunches of David Bohm on the place of wholeness at the basics of physics.



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