How can you actually connect with global issues, such as climate change, on an individual and local level? Through taste! Apart from all the ethical reasons, what better incentive is there to choose to eat a climate- friendly farmed carrot, over an industrially produced supermarket carrot, than simply because it tastes delicious too?


Think Global, Taste Local believe that food must be healthy not only for the individual but also for the environment, for our communities and for the economy. Sustainable farming practices nourish and replenish the local land rather than stripping it. The profits are kept with the local grower and in the local community.


Food that is grown locally is fresher, and much fuller in flavour, and above all more nutritious and healthy than food that is harvested early, genetically modified or transported great distances. This project is a vitally important step toward building resilience, healthy communities and support for local food economies, whilst helping the environment by increasing carbon capture. Above all, it caters to a basic human need – to eat tasty and healthy food!!


Think Global, Taste Local held experiential workshops and public events related to the quality of taste, the practical preparation of fresh food skills and the ease of sourcing local food. Events included farm visits, cooking workshops and local talks – giving opportunities for people to connect and become aware of the variety of foods available in their local areas, inspiring them to seek out what their local climate friendly food producers had to offer, and to prepare that food themselves in simple, tasty and nutritious ways. The events showcased not only the season’s harvest and the tastiest local foods and were an exercise in community building.


TGTL encouraged people who do not or cannot normally make choices to eat local, healthy, climate friendly food to experience all of the above.